Most Popular Red Gemstone Names And Meanings

red gemstone names
red gemstones

The most popular red gemstone names are Ruby and Garnet. Red gemstone called by many names. Red word is not used for the call this stone.

 It usually represents to the first inventor, region name or the language they use to mention the red color. 

The red color is usually caused by a high content of chromium (Cr) on the stone. It can be light or dark red.

Part of them is precious stone and other is semi. The most valuable types of red stones may be is Ruby but garnet become the choice of many people.

Not only because the price is cheaper but very well-known in the healing capabilities.

The secret meaning behind of red gemstone is also the reason why many people very interest to wearing it.

Red is a very standout color in its own merit; it catches our gazes quickly and it is often associated with bravery and boldness. Red is also traditional symbol for passion, spirit, warrior and even lust.

Top 5 names of red gemstone


Speaking about red gemstone names , no one will doubt the magnificence of Red ruby gems. This gemstone adorns crowns, beautiful jewelry, treasure chests, thrones, royal staff and many more.

Ruby is a symbol of everything great: passion, love, bravery, prosperity and grandness. Even now, ruby is still considered a precious gem and used in advanced technology such as material for microscopic laser surgery.

Ruby is a great stone to emit passion and vitality to do great things, and it can get rid of lethargic feeling. The glowing red hue and luster is very stimulating, and it considered a great symbol for awareness.

Ruby is also a great symbol of unbridled love, and is often used as depiction of courtly love. Ruby is popular in names of red stones category.


Red garnet mostly use to decorating artifacts in the middle ages, but in the present turn to jewelry. Many people love garnet because the color like blood.

The power of red garnet can help run from dead that mean can cure various kinds of serious illnesses.

If someone have sexual problem, wearing this red gems can enhance sexual performance. In the names of red gemstones, red garnet always use as amulet. They believe it can attract love and good fortune for them.


 A great addition in this red gemstones list; red jade has more warrior-like qualities compared to ruby.

Red jade is a symbol of spirit and courage, and use to turned into charms or amulets for martial artists and warriors.

The stone symbolizes courage harnessed with calculation and wisdom. People who learn the art of fighting often have short temper.

But red jade can help contain that short temper tendency while still maintaining the bravery and courage aspects.

Jade is traditionally regarded as healing stone, and in the case of red jade, it is often regarded as a stone that can give to overall health by increasing vitality and energy.

Therefore, jade is often carried by people who work in the field of medic such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists and healers.

 Red Pyrope

Pyrope is a beautiful red gemstone types that has really deep red hue. The deepness of the red does not show passion, fiery nature or lust, but more like a color that reflects seriousness and deep thinking.

Red pyrope or garnet pyrope is more like a stone to grow self-confidence to face various challenges in life.

Even the passionate feeling emitted by this stone is more like calculated passion instead of unbridled passion.

Therefore, among the red gemstones names  here, red pyrope is also symbol of more mature love.


This is a great types of red stone to carry by those who feel that they are not sociable enough. There are people out there who want more open and sociable, but do not know how to do that or too awkward.

Red Tourmaline said to give courage for those types of people. The courage helps them more open and accepting, and thus understanding enough to get into relationship with other people.

Tourmaline maybe the best choice in  many red gemstone names, it more powerful than others.

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