Red Jasper Meaning

Red jasper is one of the most powerful and sacred stones for protection. It has the valuable red jasper meaning that most people love to take benefit. It’s an opaque, a variety of quartz with grainy crystals creating beautiful feature. Its color of red to the terracotta red-brown is resulted from the high iron content and other minerals as well as impurities.

Its name can be traced back in various languages from Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Assyrian, Latin and Arabic. For centuries, it has been used by the most noted scientists, magicians, physicians, poets and lapidaries due to its beneficial metaphysical properties.

For ages, red jasper stone has also been known as Stone of Endurance. It refers to the gentle but vital stone that stimulates Chi or the Life Force. Through the stimulation, it brings stamina, energy, physical strength, focus and also determination. Its steady frequency allows the body to be more calmed in order to create the lasting yet stable energy to improve the health, to overcome illness, to face unpleasant tasks, to set goals, to follow through to completion and to have the courage in rectifying the wrongs.


Red Jasper Healing Properties

• Chakra Healing

Red jasper resonates with the Root or Base Chakra to stimulate the kundalini energy, cleanse and strengthen the aura. It’s perceived as stone of passion which is very useful to restore and rejuvenate libido and also to manifest creative ideas. Root chakra is located at base of the spine and responsible for kinesthetic movement and feeling. It’s basically the foundation of both spiritual and physical energy.

Red jasper meaning will help to activating the root chakra, this crystal can stabilize and energize our physical body. To do this, just simply lay the crystal over each chakra and it will boost, cleanse and also realign all the chakras as well as the aura. This way, our yin and yang energies will be balanced as well. It results in aligned mental, emotional and physical bodies with etheric realm. Once the chakras are in balanced, our body will regain stamina and strength with rekindled spiritual energy.


• Peaceful Mind

Red jasper stone meaning  is helping peaceful mind as it is beneficial to help reconnect with the Earth grounding energies and to alleviate stress. At the same time, it eliminates negativity, stabilizes the aura and also cleanses the aura. During meditation, contemplation or praying, this crystal works marvelous because it can increase the peace and focus. More negativity can be removed and positivity will fill the life.

It increases level of peace by encouraging calm and passion that is often lack in one’s life. It also assists women to overcome unfair opposition or jealous love rival to relationship. Eventually, when the mind is in peace and balanced, life will be in much better state.


• Stimulate Creativity

Have you been feeling lack of creativity? Red jasper is the right tool to stimulate it. Its energy helps to manifest new freshness and ideas as well to bring more focus, determination and also self-mastery. Since it’s considered as Stone of Endurance, it’s the right stone to support any jobs that require stamina and physical strength.


 Red Jasper Use For Physical Healing

Like other stone with metaphysical properties, Red Jasper also carries out uses to help heal physical issues. These are some of healing:
• To regulate metabolic energy
• Provide vitality and strength especially for men
• Increase physical stamina
• Support and assist during the healing of prolonged injury, illness and hospitalization
• Help generate muscle tissue and enhance the exercise’ effects
• Support circulatory system
• Remove blockages of bile ducts and liver
• Detoxify blood
• Strengthen heart and enhance circulation
• Increase fertility and libido for both men and women
• Stabilize pregnancy and facilitate a safe childbirth

Among the various kinds of jasper stone, red jasper more in interest because of attractive colors and prices are not expensive. Red jasper very nice if use as jewelry. While green jasper and Ocean jasper which is a rare stone has a high price much in demand by collectors.

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