What Is Rhodolite Garnet Meaning And The Advantages?

Rhodolite garnet meaning is believed to spread the aura of love. This is caused by a pink glow on the stone. Therefore this stone is used more as women jewelry than men. Because the Rhodolite (rhodon) means “Rose” many people believe it’s refer to Rose flower where the smell will help people who are alone get a friend and made them joyful.

The healing properties of Rhodolite garnet stone is also believed to be able to heal trauma. By laying this gem on the forehead during sleep can give a beautiful dream and eliminating anxiety.

Rhodolite garnet gemstone is the birthstone of the month of January. If the gem is in use by them, it is able to bring back our loved ones, even after a long separation.

what is Rhodolite garnet
Rhodolite Garnet Meaning

Rhodolite is a kind of hybrid of a mixture between Pyrope and Almandite a type of Garnet stone. This stone colors ranging from ruby-red to purple and purplish red. With chemical formula (Mg, Fe) 3Al2 (SiO4)3 and has 7 – 7, 5 mohs scale.

Rhodolite Garnet has a very strong luster and some have interesting inclusion. It is found in rocks of alluvial and metamorphic. Common Rhodolite has a transparent rose color. Based on the theory of rock mining if in an area found one type of garnet stones, it means the place indicates the existence of diamond there. It’s mining in Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Kenya and in United States. In this place Diamond also found.

How to Care Rhodolite Garnet Stone

To treat this type of  garnet stone to stay brilliant, then you can use warm water containing liquid soap. Brush the surface of the rock slowly with a soft brush. Besides with soapy water, this stone can also be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning. Avoid steam cleaning!

Rhodolite Garnet stone is very brittle, easily cracked and broken because it is fragile. Therefore, you need to take care of her carefully.

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