Rose Quartz Meaning For Love And Healing

Rose Quartz meaning are love, calming, gentleness.This stone symbolize couple relation. It also know as pink quartz.The pink color of this crystal will give you the ability to gain love in any situation. Friends, family, your partner, even the people around you will defeated if you wear a Rose Quartz crystal.

This is cause by the energy of  Quartz  crystal that radiating around the body which gives the power of love for the user.This works because the pink color of this crystals  related to heart Chakra. Where the heart chakra will release the power to the crystal and create the radiant more perfect and effective. It’s a one of the popular love stone choose by women.

The meaning of rose quartz is also believed to keep up a youthful look and overcome inferiority. Rose quartz uses to cut excessive weight. The calm effect from the energy of this stone will help to control excessive eating and aid in making the right diet. Wearing this gemstone in exercise will help them focus to their goal.

Rose Quartz meaning
Rose Quartz meaning

Rose quartz is birthstone for Scorpio zodiac sign. This stone will bring success to scorpion people in many situation. By using these crystals, they are able to manipulate their rivals.

Their creative and humor qualities will help the ability of rose quartz in send energy,  so that they will be subject to the will of the scorpion. Rose quartz meaning also will help Scorpio in love matter and control their emotion, so they know to whom the feelings of love expressed.


Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Mental And Physical Healing

Metaphysical healing  properties  of Rose Quartz related to improve all forms of love like self-love, mother love, caring to anyone ,kindness, platonic and romantic life. It says also that this crystal has capable opening our hearts and encourages us to peaceful and gentle.

Pink Quartz will emanates unconditional love and nurturing and helps us to attract positive energy. It make gentle love into our lives.  It’s also teaches us forgiveness  and tolerance. Rose Quartz  meaning will improve your meditation, control and calm the mind so that you become focused in one direction.

Rose quartz Properties as  healing crystal is help to balance a high emotions and heal emotional wounds, traumas that have occurred in the past. Heal the sorrow that will bring peaceful and tranquil.

In addition, this crystal also ability to remove the feeling of fear, hatred and anger. The power of this gemstone is also able to cut the negative influences such as jealousy and greed.The energy of rose quart crystal will work if in use as a ring and not as an earring or a necklace.

Rose quartz meaning also heal and release childhood traumas, neglect and lack of love from parents if this crystal use as necklace. Where the healing power of pink Quartz will raise when closely with hearth chakra, so it can improve of inner awareness performance more perfectly.

Rose quartz properties also helps solve various kinds of diseases related to the head such as headaches, sinuses, eyes, and ears. Rose quartz meaning sometimes used as a talisman to keep the baby in the womb in order not attacked by negative things that can lead to miscarriage.


 Love and Relationship Healing

The properties that rose quartz has is mostly also involved with love and relationship. It can cure your relation by breaking the tension with the family and friends so you can get close once again.

It can also heal your love relationship by creating more romantic energy for you and your partner; this is why you can give the stone to your partner for their present in your anniversary or their birthday to express your love for your partner.

It also has properties to resonance with the thymus chakra as well as heart chakra to heal your compassion and calm your spirit. They will be able to spread love energy not only to the wearer of the jewelry but also to the area surrounding the rose quartz crystal.

This is why if you have a room, you might want to place a sculpture made from this precious stone to create warm and calming feeling inside. For beauty it can make your face to have better completion, it can also be used to heal wrinkles that might come before the time when you use the stone .



Pink Quartz  color as indicated by its name, rarely adequate transparency should regarded as a gems. The cut, however,  a variety of ornaments, it makes things pretty beauty. The materials that  gives color is unknown. Maybe some organic  materials, because the color disappears on heating and  unfortunately for extended use , often fade away on exposure to light.

Rose quartz is popular pink gemstones and has high value . Color of rose quartz crystal is process naturally. Rose or pink energy has a very soft, which can give peace, love and joy.

Gemstone color meanings said, the pink is able to increase fertility in women by providing peace and relieve stress. So it will  normalize function of hormones in the body. Perhaps this is what makes pink or rose color that is always associated with women.

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