Sapphire Meaning In Many Colors

Chemistry: AI2O3 Aluminum oxide
Hardness: 9
Chakra: Throat, varies on color
Sapphire Meanings: Joy, peace, beauty, intuition, prosperity,
and fulfillment of dreams.

Sapphire  a member of the Corundum family. Like the ruby, it consists of perfect alumina colored by oxide of iron. In hardness it is adequate to that of the ruby.

It comes on most tints and shades of blue. Jewelries maker have carved up them into two forms, the male and female, the primary being’ associated with a thick indigo color, and the second a light-colored blue. The latter is also sometimes known as a water sapphire.

The color which estimates to blue velvet of the shade formerly called” bleu de roi “is the very valuable. The sapphire comes commonly in crystals of larger size than the ruby. This gem is chiefly taken from Ceylon and Peru.

Sapphire meaning

sapphire stone meaning

The word” sapphire,” according to some, appears to come linked to the Syriac saphilali,, the name in this speech of the sapphire. The sapphire, in Greek sappheiros was the name used by the Greeks and Romans to what we name lapis lazuli. But it is probably a word foreign to the Greek tongue.

The most valuable sapphire can be described as rich, velvety, cornflower or purplish blue. Montana sapphires are an appealing “electric blue” found in no other gem.

Orange, yellow, green, and purple sapphires are also marvelously beautiful. Pink sapphire merges into true ruby. The curious name Padparadschah relates to a golden-red types, more often seen, however, in synthetics than in nature.


Sapphire Gemstone Meaning

Sapphire meaning is closely related to metaphysical and spiritual properties. It believed to purify the mind, increasing faith and motivation, bringing happiness,easier to get new ideas in life. This stone would protect the wearer from feeling envious and make them feel closer to God.

The meaning of sapphire stone is symbolize the sky that refer to universal energy. The sapphire was a preventive of despair and fire; a curative of madness and boils.

In early times sapphire meaning believed a destroyer of poison, so that if put into a glass with a spider or venomous reptile it would kill it. It regarded also as a remedy against fevers.

If placed on the heart, or soaked in vinegar and the extract administered. The wearer of a sapphire  rendered by it chaste, virtuous, pious, devout, and wise.

In all kinds of gemstones, sapphire was the one who has the greatest power of both energy. But, sapphire consists of a variety of colors and each color has its own meaning. Here there are;

  • Dark blue sapphire: This gemstone symbolize inspires-creative expression, intuition and meditation.
  • Green sapphire : Its meaning  brings luck. Some called lucky stone.
  • Orange sapphire : It’s a pink-orange corundum also known as Padparadschah. The meanings are  symbolize augments wisdom, optimism and friendliness.
  • Pink sapphire : It meaning symbolize encourages generosity, love and loyalty.
  • Star sapphire : as symbolize develops independence,centering, balance and psychic.
  • White sapphire: is associate with self-appreciation and spiritual development.
  • Yellow  Sapphire: the meaning is symbolize enhances intellect, study, knowledge and memory.

Sapphire Birthstone Meaning

Ancient legend states that the Earth is located in the upper sapphire thus making the sky blue. Particular gemstone believed to have links with the zodiac or birth month.

The gems like this known such as birthstones . In ancient times, the meaning of these stones symbolized by their association with events in history.

Birthstones believed to have the energy of a planet that affect a person’s birth time. Birth stone said able to influence the emotional and physical condition of the wearer and it’s have healing powers.

Sapphire is one of the most popular gems and considered birthstone of September, as well as a birth stone of the Virgo zodiac sign .


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white sapphire meaning

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White sapphire meaning is often associated with fortune in love or marital relationship because it releases emotional blockade and eliminates negative thoughts.



Pink sapphire meaning

Pink sapphire meaning

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yellow sapphire meaning

yellow sapphire

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