The 4 Best Things About Selenite Crystal Meaning

Selenite is a variety of gypsum, It comes as a very soft stone that can get scratched easily. However, it doesn’t mean that this crystal is powerless. In fact, if we show the deep Selenite crystal meaning will figure out the true metaphysical strength and ability that this stone has.

As well-known crystal, it’s available worldwide and found in many parts of the world as well including USA, Germany, Poland, France, Greece, England, Australia, Morocco, Russia and Mexico.

Its physical look is stunning with a variety of colors from green, brown, pure white, orange, transparent, peach, grey-blue, and golden yellow. Its beauty makes it perfect to be worn as accessories like pendants, rings or necklaces.

selenite meaning
selenite crystal meaning

The name itself came from “selene”, a Greek word meaning moon. It is sometimes also called Satin Spar. The Selenite crystal itself has been used such as for window panes.

With its metaphysical properties, it is able to generate various uses from physical, emotional to spiritual depending on what we need. Through its strong vibration, it has the ability to open the two chakra centers inside our body. Of course, it then leads to positive changes.

Selenite Crystal and Chakra Healing

Selenite crystal meaning is use to healing chakras. Its help to open and cleanse it . Which chakras that resonate with this crystal? They are the soul start and the crown chakra. Once the crystal opens the crown chakra, it allows us to access transversal . These mean for eight through the fourteenth chakras.

Through this process, the spiritual growth will move forward quickly which is a good thing especially for healers. Then, it continues vibrating with the heart chakra. With energy that moves through crown , distortions and negativity can be cleared to let the energy flows free to soul star chakra.

Selenite Crystal Remove Energy Blockage

If you feel sore or tight, a selenite wand is exactly the healer you need. The metaphysical properties inside the crystal allow it to help remove the energy blockage in our body. Energy is supposed to free flow inside our body but sometime it is blocked with negative energy in certain areas.

The parts that we usually feel tight or sore are usually the places where negative energy stored. Therefore, place the wand at these areas for about 20 minutes to let the crystal works. Then, we can soon feel the difference. Feelings will be better and no more sore pain.

Selenite Cleanse Aura

Aside from removing the energy blockage, it also delivers another Selenite crystal meaning  is to help cleanse the aura. Color of aura determines the body, mind and spirit condition.

Black aura describes negative dominance while bright aura describes positive dominance. To cleanse it, a selenite wand again is the right tool. This time, use it like an eraser.

To do that, start by combing it up and down our body like we visualize it sucking up the negativity, worries and anxiety we have. It should start at the top of our head and then continue until the bottom of our feet.

It’s a simple technique indeed and requires only around 5 minutes. However, it delivers significant effect to purify our aura and to block negative or unwanted stuff.

Selenite and Psychic Ability

Some people are born with certain gift meaning spiritual ability and some others are not. For those with the gift, there is usually strong willing to improve and enhance it. Of course, it cannot be done just easily.

It requires help and that’s when the Selenite crystal comes into the picture. With its strong vibration, you can learn to be psychic. Selenite crystal meaning usually acts as conduit to help connect with other dimensions. This way, you will reach higher realm.

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