Smoky Quartz Stone Meaning And It Best Do

Smoky quartz is third eye stone that help predicting the future.The power of this stone will give early warning to the owners by presenting the views or dream.

It believe as a protective amulet against negative energy. Putting smokey quartz at the front entrance of the house believed able to absorb negative energy and protect the occupants of the house.

The healing properties of  smoky quartz will uplift the mood, reduce depression, and cut negative emotions that may create arguments and bickering inside a house or office.

Therefore, Smokey quartz stone meaning improve relationship, friendship, family relation and even professional relationship. The stone also symbolizes calm and serenity that comes from inner peace and positive mood.

Many people who study about crystals, love that this stone emits ‘lighter’ energy that feels more peaceful than overwhelming.

Smoky quartz meaning

Smoky quartz stone

The Best Do By Smokey Quartz

If you look at smoky quartz meaning, you may be taken aback by its range of hues. They range from brown to smoky grey and even black.

Compared to other gemstones, smoky quartz may look like a strange option for amulet or charm, but do not judge the stone by its color.

Smoky quartz stone has two major variants;

The first is Cairngorm that come from Scotland with colors ranging from brown to grey. The second is Morion. It is about highly because of its black.

Traditionally, smoky quartz if worn by men on their kilts or as a part of ceremonial blade called sgian dubh. However, there was a note about the use of smoky quartz as sunglasses in 12th century China.

Smoky quartz meaning has grounding qualities, which connect one’s physical self with spiritual self during meditation. Many people put this crystal near them when doing meditation.

Meaning for help with better and deeper understanding and show inner wisdom . In Eastern tradition, the stone is also related with the base chakra ( Muladhara Chakra).

In relation with physical aspects, the stone believed as a good source for increased sensuality and sexuality, and a good way to improve kidney and adrenal gland condition.

Smoky quartz stone meaning is also related to calm feeling and inner peace, even among disputes and chaos. This grounded quality is emphasized by the earthy color of this crystal. Positive energy that comes from within will help you improving the mental state and helping in profound meditation.

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