What Is The Best Gemini Birthstone ?

Wearing a birthstone in a part of the body is believed to have an impact on people’s characteristics and personalities. It also helps them to improve certain aspects of their lives. The zodiac sign of Gemini, which has the twin symbol, influences people who were born between May 21 and June 21. With its ruling planet … Read more

Birthstone Color For May And Meaning

The birthstone color for May is green . Green is  represents the reborn, renewal of the nature and life, luck, and ageless. That can also mean the happiness, pure love, and many more. There are various colors that we can find from many gemstones. The color might represent some great things. The beautiful colors also … Read more

What Is Birthstone Color For November Do You Think ?

Yellow is birthstone color for November and the best gemstones are yellow Topaz and Citrine. Yellow is color that has a very close relationship with the month of November. Yellow meaning  is active and energetic. Yellow also represents the sun, light, happiness. Yellow stimulates mental activity, muscle energy and attracts attention – it is the … Read more