Smoky Quartz Stone Meaning And It Best Do

Smoky quartz Stone Meaning is  symbolize third eye that help predicting the future.The power of this stone will give early warning to the owners by presenting the views or dream. It believe as a protective amulet against negative energy. Putting smokey quartz at the front entrance of the house believed able to absorb negative energy … Read more

The Secret Behind Metaphysical Properties of stones

There are various physical and spiritual gemstone therapies used by people since thousands of years ago to improve self, to get rid of negative qualities, and to become better people. Using the metaphysical properties of stones is just one way to achieve a great level of wisdom, inner strength, knowledge, intuition, spirit, bravery, and other … Read more

Black Obsidian Meaning

black obsidian benefits

Black obsidian meaning is protective ,cure diseases, healing mental and physic. It’s such a powerful cleanser and purifier of psychic smog that created within one’s aura. This makes the stone a strong psychic protection crystal. What is obsidian stone anyway? Well, it’s a volcanic stone which is formed when the lava contacts with water that … Read more

Carnelian Stone Meaning

carnelian stone meaning

Carnelian  stone meaning in ancient culture often used as a symbol of courage and bravery in conquering the enemy. Most people believed it is capable to captivate, stimulate, allow your self-esteem, passion, and in most particular, love. The ancient Egyptian culture often associated this particular stone with the passive women energy and the strength of … Read more

Mahogany Obsidian Meaning

Mahogany Obsidian Meaning

Mahogany Obsidian Gemstone Meaning – Mental, Emotional and Physical If you question what the mahogany obsidian meaning is, you have to start by knowing the true forms of this stone. Physically, it is natural glass obsidian with colored stripes that are created from iron inclusions. Obsidian properties believed to have gentle energy that is helpful … Read more

Labradorite stone meaning

labradorite stone meaning

Is the Labradorite meaning stays the same after all this year? Labradorite is a type of gemstone which has a very distinctive looks even among all other gemstone. The most usual of this gemstone has a bluish color, but there are also other types of Labradorite which has a golden or yellowish color; which is … Read more