Gemstone For Capricorn And Their meanings

Gemstone for Capricorn is Ruby. The rule planet of Capricorn is Saturn and the element is Earth. Ruby gemstone is able to synchronize between Saturn and Earth energy to the owner of the Capricorn zodiac sign. People who was born on December 22 – January 20 that have goat symbol should be worn Ruby as their birthstone. It … Read more

Labradorite Stone Meaning- Most Popular Stone In Divination Practice

Labradorite stone meaning believed as high regards by ancient people, and it is still the same even now. Labradorite is a stone surrounded with myth, and thus holding special meaning when it comes to self-discovery, especially related to psychic abilities. This is also a popular stone among people who practice divination. Whether you believe in … Read more

Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning

Clear quartz crystal meaning is often associated with religious and pure energy aspects. Although quartz has various range or colors, the most favored one is usually the clear crystal. In geology, people know quartz crystal as one of the most abundant minerals on earth. However, even before this fact was known, quartz crystal had been … Read more