Blue Sapphire Stone Meaning

blue sapphire stone meaning

Blue sapphire stone meaning has often been associated with a lot of positive things. It was a favorite stone of royalties, adorning various royal and historical artifacts around the world. It even appears in various religious and sacred scripts in various religions and cultures, from Hebrew to Hindu and Christianity. Among various blue gemstones in … Read more

Green Turquoise Stone Meaning

turquoise meaning

Turquoise meaning is traditionally related to power, but it can also be related to protective factors and even discovery of hope inside you.You may often see turquoise stone adorning religious buildings and artifacts as well as charms, so there are many positive points in using turquoise as protection and power charms.  Green Turquoise Stone Meaning … Read more

Tanzanite Stone Meaning – The Valuable And Rare Stone Properties

tanzanite stone meaning

Tanzanite is  very rare stone and only discovered in Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). This fact makes it one of the most valuable gems in the world. The mining area is not even large, namely, only 4 kilometers wide and 2 kilometers deep. Tanzanite is actually a semi-transparent gemstone which each side can transform based on the surroundings … Read more