What is Citrine Gemstone Metaphysical Properties ?

Citrine metaphysical Properties

Citrine with its refreshing lemon yellow color has many benefits for people who wear them. Citrine metaphysical properties and healing elements are often used by the therapists to treat people with digestive problems, because the stone is capable to remove toxins, and repel poisons form inside our body. The stone is also beneficial to the … Read more

What is Labradorite Stone Properties ?

Labradorite Stone Properties

Labradorite stone properties bring positive results for both physical and mental aspects, and often used in meditation, healing and feng shui. Many stones are regarded as powerful divination and magical properties, but not many as high as labradorite. This stone is even believed by the Inuit as a result of Aurora Borealis, so you can … Read more

Citrine Healing Properties

citrine healing properties

Citrine healing properties are related strongly to its yellow color, which is generally regarded as a symbol of vitality, spirit, zest of life, good digestion and circulation, masculinity and youth. And even though yellow stone tends to yield more masculine than feminine quality, anyone can get great benefits healing power from Citrine stone . As … Read more