White Sapphire Meaning for Marriage and Social Life

white sapphire meaning

White sapphire meaning is associated with great luck and fortune for the wearer, abundant prosperity and happiness. We know that there are various types of sapphire gemstones, which have different characteristics and ‘magical’ elements. White sapphire is one of the most popular sapphires in existence, known to be the stone of beauty, arts, married life, … Read more

Pink Sapphire Meaning

Pink sapphire meaning

About Pink Sapphire Gemstone And Their Meanings Asides from the popular blue sapphire, there is one type of sapphire gemstone that has powerful meaning and healing energies, namely, pink sapphire. Each color of the sapphire stones has its own charm and uniqueness, and different traits that give huge benefits to the wearer, for amulet, pendant … Read more

Yellow Sapphire Meaning

yellow sapphire meaning

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Meaning In certain culture, yellow sapphire is considered the most precious gemstone after diamond and ruby. It has powerful healing properties and unique metaphysical traits. Its alluring color vibrates prosperity and attracts abundant wealth for those who wear the stone. The yellow sapphire meaning will allow self-mastery, bring excellent protection from spiritual … Read more

Blue Sapphire Stone Meaning

blue sapphire stone meaning

Blue sapphire stone meaning has often been associated with a lot of positive things. It was a favorite stone of royalties, adorning various royal and historical artifacts around the world. It even appears in various religious and sacred scripts in various religions and cultures, from Hebrew to Hindu and Christianity. Among various blue gemstones in … Read more

Birthstone For September and Its Explanation

birthstone for september

September Birthstone Birthstone has been the main concern of the people. A lot of people are talking about the birthstone and get the random explanation about the birthstone. It says that the birthstone will give you several powers for the different stones. You have to understand the gemstone meaning to get the real effect. But, … Read more