Tanzanite Stone Meaning – The Valuable And Rare Stone Properties

tanzanite stone meaning
tanzanite stone

Tanzanite stone meaning comes from its rare color, which are very hard to find and thus having special elements. It is no wonder that Tanzanite stone holds special properties and it is very revered in crystal healing and therapy.

Tanzanite is  very rare stone and only discovered in Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). This fact makes it one of the most valuable gems in the world. The mining area is not even large. Namely, only 4 kilometers wide and 2 kilometers deep.

Tanzanite is actually a semi-transparent gemstone which each side can transform based on the surroundings and light refraction encompassing it.

A variation of zoisite, tanzanite is a sorosilicate gemstone that has indigo, blue and purple colors, which are the rarest colors you can find in nature (especially purple). The luster is also very brilliant; it is described as pearly and vitreous.

Natural Tanzanite is one of most stone that has a high vibration, with a strong metaphysical properties.

It is a powerful stone to help you to develop inner strength, so that this is an aspect that can help you if considering to use psychic power.

Generally, Tanzanite is regarded a gemstone that has deep spiritual meaning. Purple color is always attributed to higher wisdom, spirituality and profound understanding.

Tanzanite meaning becomes a good symbol of mysticism and spiritual understanding. It is also regarded as positive qualities in communication, religious aspects and profound understanding about the world around you.

The meaning of Tanzanite is also believed as a tool to make people more perceptive especially about other people’s hearts and perspectives.

Therefore, it(especially purple or indigo stone) is great to grow one’s perceptiveness about other people’s perspectives and point of view. This makes you gain more wisdom, patience and other positive qualities required to grow infinite wisdom.

Types Of Tanzanite Stone 

Main colors of Tanzanite stones are blue, purple and deep indigo, and each believed to have different meaning.

Blue tanzanite  meaning was related to sky, and blue is a common symbol for patience, friendship, loyalty, calm feeling, faithfulness and respect.

The blue Tanzanite properties is a good to help in growing more patience and developing self-awareness as well as acceptance.

Purple Tanzanite meaning is often regarded with mysticism. In addition, purple is also a symbol of noble elements and often used as good luck to invoke passion, spirit and intentions to meet great things, both material and spiritual.

Purple is also associated with the ability to invoke meaningful dreams, helping you finding inspiration and ideas to reach infinite self.

Finally, indigo tanzanite stone meaning is much deeper than other stones. Since indigo tanzanite is the one that has deepest color, this stone reflects infinite wisdom, spirituality and higher self.

Tanzanite stone is a symbol of your spiritual journey and accomplishments, and a great charm for self-finding.

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