What Is Tigers Eye Healing Properties ?

Tigers eye healing properties
Tigers Eye Stone

In the past days, and probably until today, tiger’s eye  gemstone is highly considered as the symbol of protection, pride, and action.

This stone called tiger’s’ eye not without significant reason. It has the watchful quality and dynamic charms that bring great benefits for the wearer.

Tiger’s eye  stone have been highly valued since years ago and said to have mystical properties that can protect whoever wears the stone. 

For those who believe, tiger’s’ eye helps to open your insight broader and lets to see everything.

In ancient days, Roman people used to use this stone as a protection against the evil eye. It was believed to be able to help win during the battle against the enemy.

The soldiers believed that the stone gives them protection from the dark spell and dark magic.

 Physical Healing 

Besides its potency to fight against the evil, tigers’ eye is also said very beneficial in healing one’s physically.

Historically, the tigers eyes healing properties also use in protective medicine, where it helped you to unleash the flow of energy, and release any related diseases.

The stone’s beautiful vibrant color is very dynamic and suitable to wear as amulets or jewelry. The golden brown color bring vitality for the person who owns the stone.

It represents physical strength of a tiger, which helps you to more active and enhances your quality of life both physically and mentally.

The beautiful stone that resembles the eyes of the tiger is capable to cure certain diseases such as heart disease, rheumatic, asthma, and it believe to give strength to the weak and sick people.

In addition, tigers eye healing properties are also beneficial for your eyes. It treats sore throat and nourishes the reproductive organs.

The stone also helps to keep up your metabolism by removing toxins, reducing pain, strengthening your bone structure, and serving as the anti-inflammatory agent.

 Emotional Healing 

Besides its benefits to treat your physical problems, tiger’s eyes are also helpful to promote your emotional balance. The stone believe to offer one with mental focus and confidence.

Thus, people who wear the stone have better vision and to open the clarity of their mind. Tiger’s eye stone also helps to release emotional blockages, stimulate your creativity and mental focus.

That is why some people wear the stone during the travel to improve focus and to protect them from potential danger.

The Source

Tiger’s eye is a gemstone that belongs to Quartz family. The coloration is based on the iron oxide content. This particular stone is formed by the alteration of crociodilite, coming with chayotat stripes.

The tigers’ eyes are mostly found in India and South Africa, and quite few amount is found in the US and Australia.

Compared to other quartz families like the blue-black hawk’s eye or the greenish cat’s eye, tiger’s’ eye has more variety of colors.

It comes with golden yellow to deep red, but mostly it has golden brown color.

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