What Is Tourmaline Meaning ?

Tourmaline meaning is improving blood circulation and absorb the negative energy. Tourmaline gemstone very popular in medical treatment tools. 

In general, Tourmaline gemstone meaning is often associated with physical and spiritual energy. It believed to help keep up fitness, improve health, bring good luck, calm the heart and mind were troubled, and bring creativity to the owner.

The healing properties of Tourmaline used to prevent occurrence of lymphatic tissue disease and anemia. Helps the body resist radiation from mobile phones and helps blood circulation.

Tourmaline stone can break water molecules more delicate and caused water is more easily absorbed into the body cells. This will lead to much loss of water and speed up the healing process and disposal of toxic from the body.

Tourmaline is birthstone for October. In astrology this gemstones associated with the zodiac Libra and Scorpio. Where this stone will help increase the success and achievements for them.

tourmaline stone

Tourmaline stone

Each of its color usually represents a different magical property and is commonly used for its supernatural meaning. In modern era and with more varieties known, tourmaline gemstone is becoming more and more sought after, with prices ranging from a hundred to several thousand dollars.

The most common tourmaline color that you can find is the black tourmaline, this stone is widely known as Schorl and it believed by the people who this black gemstone has a power to negate negative energy.

The other popular variety of tourmaline is the Indicolite which has a sparkling bluish color, blue tourmaline meaning used sooth the minds of the owner, this particular color represent tolerance, harmony and kindness, the Indicolite is quite rare. The rarest of the bunch is the pink colored one; it is very rare and usually more expensive than the rest.

Its gemstone uses are already known across the world since a very long time ago. This particular gemstone is one of the most popular among both the collectors and the jewelers alike. The popularity of tourmaline justified though, this gemstone is available in various colors, looks beautiful and very pleasing to the eyes.


Black Tourmaline Meaning


black tourmaline meaning


What exactly is this black tourmaline? The black tourmaline is a type of gemstone in the tourmaline family and as the name implies, this particular gemstone has a very deep blackish color. Black tourmaline is widely known as Schorl.

Black tourmaline meaning( more properties) brings is to repels negative energy around the owner. Even in this modernized era, there are still a lot of people around the world who hold this kind of spiritual belief and this gemstone is particularly popular as a protection charm. .

The effect black tourmaline is also working to change the pH from acid to alkaline water. The majority of drinking water is pH 6 which is slightly acidic. Tourmaline stone when in contact with water will activated and changed to 9. The pH alkaline water has proven become anti-oxidant and add oxygen content in the blood.

Black tourmaline is also commonly used as a regular jewelry, it is also the cheapest of the tourmaline family’ usually costing less than a hundred dollars.


Green Tourmaline Meaning


green tourmaline meaning


Green tourmaline or Verdelite is one variety of tourmaline, a widely popular gemstone which has a lot of color varieties. The green tourmaline is actually the first type of tourmaline ever founded. Long time ago, a Spanish founds a green gemstone which he mistaken as emerald, and that particular gemstone is the green tourmaline; the mistake actually lasted for about 3 decades.

It is quite difficult to differentiate between a green tourmaline and an emerald due to the fact that green tourmaline has no fixed color; one important element which can cause these color varieties is chrome.

The most popular belief that green tourmaline meaning( others uses)  is promotes compassion; it gives the owner a peace of mind, inviting joy and happiness. Green tourmaline healing properties will improve balance in men, curing liver disease and blood disease.

Green tourmaline serves as affection counterweight and help the wearer forget the bad memories of the past and to encourage take a new step. Other benefits green tourmaline eliminates moodiness and insomnia, as well as strengthens concentration.


Pink Tourmaline Meaning


pink tourmaline meaning


Pink tourmaline also knows as Rubellite is the rarest kind of tourmaline stone where it also holds one of the most popular metaphysical properties. The most believed Pink tourmaline uses are to generate joy and happiness, it also represent love.

Pink tourmaline meaning ( get more information ) is closely related to the heart chakra and it is very useful to strengthen the heart and activate the immune system. Given the performance of the heart and its role balancing effect to calm him, then this stone suitable for recover patients with psychiatric disorders.

Pink Tourmaline if placed in a room will help close interaction and affection among members of the family. It uses for protection and improve balance in women.

Pink tourmaline is usually the most expensive kinds of tourmaline out there, where some of it can cost you more than two thousand dollars, but is it really worth that kind of price? Pink tourmaline is very popular as jewelry; it has a gentle and soothing color, a perfect gift for someone you hold dear.

As a happiness charm or as jewelry with its bright and feminine colors, Pink tourmaline very valuable, you will need to prepare a hefty amount of money to get one of this stones.


Watermelon Tourmaline Meaning


watermelon tourmaline meaning

watermelon tourmaline

The watermelon tourmaline is a rare kind of gemstone and as the name implies, the colors resembles one of a watermelon, it a combination of green, white and pink colors, making it very unique about how it looks.

Watermelon tourmaline meaning ( more information about this gemstone ) is a bit more complicated. One word that used to describe this gemstone is “balance’, because watermelon tourmaline are usually used to balance between good and evil inside a person’s spiritual heart. It can also be used o repels anything that seen a threat to such balance; conflicts of heart, etc.

People believes that the combination between green, pink and white from this gemstone also has its own benefit, the green color is to protect your life energy, the pink color gives joy and harmony, while the white will makes you more relaxed.

Watermelon tourmaline are very popular even among the tourmaline families, it used as charms, healing material, and of course, many used it as decoration. Many jewelry collectors are also interested in watermelon tourmaline, where the finely crafted one is usually priced in the thousand’s dollar.

The watermelon tourmaline meaning may vary, but it its beautiful colors and patterns are sure to gives you relaxed mind and a perfect for collection item.

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