Green Turquoise Stone Meaning

Turquoise meaning is traditionally related to power, but it can also be related to protective factors and even discovery of hope inside you.You may often see turquoise stone adorning religious buildings and artifacts as well as charms, so there are many positive points in using turquoise as protection and power charms.

 Green Turquoise Stone Meaning

Green turquoise meaning is related to the meaning of green color, which symbolizes discovery, balancing power of the earth and hope; all are related to the nature. This is why that turquoise meaning is great for protection, not only against physical dangers but also against stress and anger effects. In short, green turquoise  is in fact related to power and protection; protection against anger and tiredness, and power to help you overcome many challenges and impediments in many aspects of life.

turquoise meaning
green turquoise


 Green Turquoise Meaning in Protection

 Proofs of turquoise as protection is obvious in many archeological and artifact proofs. For example, in Turkey, many turquoise amulets were used by Turkish soldiers as protective charms in the battle. In addition, the turquoise charms were used to be attached on their bridles, to protect them from injuries caused by falling from the horse. Not only did the soldiers use the turquoise charms, but the travelers also used them to protect them from harm.

The most interesting story about turquoise meaning as protection is its ability to change color depending on the owner’s condition. For example, a turquoise charm that has blue color like robin’s eggs will lose its color gradually when the owner gets sick or heavily injured, or even dies.

Since turquoise is believed as the bringer of protection factors, it is also regarded a symbol of good luck. Therefore, the stone is often used as ring adornment or other jewelry and worn as amulet. In addition, people who worked in fields related to law and court used to bring turquoise amulet to protect them from negative factors of their works.


Green Turquoise Energy Meaning

Besides a protection amulet, turquoise stone also emits power. This is why the stone was often used by high priests and kings in the past, whether as royalty jewelry or as a charm to invoke spiritual power. However, for current uses, turquoise is also believed as a stone to invoke energy, power and creativity to help you with work or creative tasks. It also increases energy level and field in the body, thus helping you with attaining great goals.

Regarding physical conditions, turquoise meaning is also believed to be able to improve physical health by supplying large energy to combat tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion and negative effects of stress. It is also believed to be able to combat negative effects of toxin buildup inside the body and protect the digestive system from inflammation. However, there is also the opposite side of turquoise stone meaning. While it invokes protection and power, turquoise also helps you with relaxation aspects. This is of course because of its natural calming quality that is emitted from the rich green hues.



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