Turquoise Stone Meaning- The Most Power Of Healing

Turquoise stone meaning
Turquoise stone meaning

Turquoise stone meaning is also related to this heavenly blue color, whether in Western or Eastern cultures.

Despite its waxy luster instead of opaque or translucent look, turquoise stone is one of the most revered stoned in many cultures, and it has a lot of uses as well as meanings.

If you look at artifacts of various cultures around the world, chances are you will see something made of turquoise. Whether it is jewelry, weapon, vase, royal artifact and even parts of religious buildings.

This can be based on the fact that the most sought out turquoise has brilliant blue sky color that is often referred as ‘robin’s egg blue,’ which emits heavenly aura.

The Healing Power Of Turquoise

The blue turquoise stone meaning  which reflects both sky and water. It is automatically connected to pure energy, peace, and positivity.

This purity makes turquoise a good stone to help bringing positive energy flow inside the house or someone’s mind, and it has a calming quality that helps you relieve stress.

The stone is also associated with general well being and health, because the stone is believed to be able to slowly detoxify your body.

Turquoise stone meaning is also related to good relationship, whether it is marriage or friendship, which is signified with good communication and positive response.

It is both calming and energizing, and it makes good accessory to put inside the bedroom. Meanwhile, its quality to induce positive communication makes it good to put inside living room or family room.

Another popular uses of turquoise stone is related to wealth, so it is often placed in the office.

However, the more popular use is for bringing peace and positive energy flow inside the house thanks to its heavenly beauty and hues. Turquoise stone meaning is obviously as beautiful as its look.

Facts about Turquoise Stone

Turquoise stone is grouped into phosphate mineral, with waxy and opaque luster and color that specifically ranges from green to blue.

Now many people associate this stone as cheap gem because it can be imitated easily or replaced with synthetic stone.

However, back on old days, this stone was super rare, and therefore it was only used in making special charms, jewelry and artifacts. It was also used to build various sacred buildings that we can still see today.

Turquoise stone is recognized in many cultures, but the most famous uses of turquoise in artifacts.

Jewelry and buildings are by Native Americans in all parts of America, ancient Egypt, and Middle East especially Iran and Turkey.

Turquoise is often involved in Native American jewelry items (which are still popular today), Pharaoh’s jewelry, Aztec priest charms and ceremonial masks, the burial mask of ancient Egypt pharaoh, and even part of swords.

In fact, the heavenly hue of turquoise has prompted both Muslim and Christian traditions to create sacred buildings and religious charms.

You can see mosques adorned with turquoise in Iran, Morocco, Turkey and Afghanistan. You can see it in cross necklace and rosaries.

You can also see it on Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. This proves that the turquoise gemstone meaning symbolize spiritual things.

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