Watermelon Tourmaline Meaning

Watermelon tourmaline meaning
Watermelon tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline meaning is to harmonize and balance the chakras while helping people to speak the truth with compassion.

The metaphysical properties of watermelon tourmaline able to attract love, wealth and health. Use one of watermelon tourmaline jewelry in your body is enough and you will get all benefits from this stone.

Have you seen a watermelon tourmaline? If you had, you certainly agree how exquisite and beautiful it is.

This gemstone mostly found in Pakistan, South Africa, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. It is among the most famous ones and known for its precious gemstone value.

In the first time you see it, you will notice the unique color mix between white, green and pink resulted in a pale pink.

That’s why it’s called as watermelon stone. The green hue color came in various shades starting from light to the darker one.

With this kind of color mixture, it’s no wonder it’s more difficult to find that has made them more special and unique as incredibly high-vibration crystal or stone.

Balancing Stone

Each tourmaline stone has its own meaning as well as the watermelon stone with its particular meaning. To show the true meaning of watermelon tourmaline, let’s see the energy hidden in it first.

This unique colored tourmaline meaning is unlike other since it is a combination of female and male energy.

In other words, it’s Yin and Yang in one crystal. Certainly, it’s the main reason behind the great use and benefits of this stone.

This energy combination serves the owner more inspired both practicality and creativity. At the same time, it blockages and transmutes negative energy.

The Yin and Yang also helps to resolve issues and attract love in relationship which is important to allow the owners to enjoy a life full of love and joy. When a joyful life is in the hands, there will be no longer insecurities or fear.

Heart Chakra

Like others tourmaline, the watermelon crystal is also a protective stone which believed able to harmonize and balance the chakras.

More particularly, it works with heart and the higher heart chakras to help cleanse and remove negative blockages, to soothe and relieve stress, and also to offer enhanced physical healing.

In the meantime, it is also helpful to mend the emotional wounds and lessen the depression. This way, you can see more clearly the purpose and meaning of certain events happen in your life.

The Meaning Of Color In Watermelon Tourmaline

Green Meaning

Why should you know the meaning of green tourmaline? Well, because since watermelon crystal is a mix of green, white and pink so each color contributes certain meaning.

Let’s start with the green. It resonates with Heart Chakra which assists you to align the entire physical body. This stone can help simultaneously balance all the Chakra energy centers.

It is so powerful that can well stimulate your body. And when you look for deep profound of healing and understanding, this stone is the right choice.

Pink Meaning

Let’s continue with pink tourmaline stone, one among three color stones that create the unique watermelon crystal.

This color primarily resonates with Heart Chakra which means it’s strongly related to emotional healing and love relationship.

This color stone works by allowing love as deepest feeling to flow within and releasing the heart blockages.

White Meaning

The last color in watermelon is white that resonates with Throat Chakra. A bit different from the previous colors, this color stone enables people to speak the truth and with compassion, clarity and kindness.

It also prevents you from speaking misjudgment or malice while at the same time, helps you to accept the true you and others. As a result, you will find yourself more connected to realm of spirit.

With such complete combination of green, white and pink, watermelon tourmaline is believed to be able to give tremendous psychic benefits especially related to spiritual side.

Since this multi-colored tourmaline resonates not only with one Chakra energy center and later resonates with other Chakras.

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