What is Onyx Stone ? Understanding Onyx Stone and Its Properties

Onyx is a stone that appears in various cultures and it is still highly regarded one of the most popular gemstones in the world even now.

While it is maybe very common (onyx stone is found in various areas around the world), it has various special qualities from its color, luster and beliefs that surround it.

However, people who are not really into gemstones may think, what is onyx stone and why people refer it so much?

Onyx has long been a part of gemstone metaphysical theories and gemstone healing therapies for a long time. This stone is often turned into necklace, beads, charm and amulet and many more.

Meanwhile, black onyx even gets a special place in the field of metaphysical theories related to gemstones. Before you are interested in looking for onyx, let’s see several facts and beliefs about onyx stone.

what is onyx stone
onyx stone

 Facts about Onyx Stone

 What is onyx stone actually according to geology point of view?.

Onyx is actually a type of oxide mineral that has dominant silica ingredients. The stone itself is famous for beautiful, silky luster that also looks vitreous if the stone is already treated and polished.

Black colored onyx is of course the most famous and sought out variant, but usually onyx has colored bands, including the one with red bands called sardonyx. These colored bands make the onyx stone unique.

However, you must be careful on black onyx products that you find at stores. Most black onyx that you can buy with cheap price is usually a regular onyx treated and painted with black. Therefore, it is not the original black onyx.

 What Is Onyx Stone Main Property

 As a gemstone, onyx is also a subject of various therapies and studies in gemstone properties. Onyx considered a stone with heavy earth element.

Therefore, it considered a stone that relate to grounding energy, balance, strong attitude, reasoning and self-discipline; all are attitudes related strongly to earth element.

From these qualities, many things can be drawn with onyx metaphysical and physical properties.

For health properties, onyx stone is an energizing stone as well as a contributor of willpower. Therefore, it can be a good stone to keep by athletes and people who often feel lazy or unmotivated to do exercises, which are very important for overall health.

For psychological properties, onyx stone believed to increase self-discipline, restraint and responsibility feeling. Therefore, it is a good stone to have if you have a big goal and want to reach it no matter what.

Many people with great goals fail to fulfill their dreams just because they are lack of self-discipline and willpower. Having onyx stone will help growing those positive qualities.

Overall, onyx stone is a good stone to balance self, thanks to its strong earth element. When you balanced and strong, you will be able to handle problems no matter how big they are and where the problems come from.

Therefore, if you ask about what is onyx stone, it is a seemingly simple gemstone with the best power to discipline and strengthen yourself.

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