White Sapphire Meaning-The Popular Stone for Marriage

white sapphire meaning
white sapphire ring

Compared to other gemstones, white sapphire is not very common, and it has the best quality that makes the stone even rarer. 

It has an authentic color with similar hardness to blue sapphire, thus provoking purity and clarity and showing its aesthetic outlook.

White Sapphire Stone Meaning

White sapphire meaning is associated with great luck and fortune for the wearer, abundant prosperity and happiness.

We know that there are various types of sapphire gemstones, which have different characteristics and ‘magical’ elements.

White sapphire is one of the most popular sapphires in existence, known to be the stone of beauty, arts, married life, and joy.

This is also behind the reason why many couples use white sapphire as their engagement or wedding ring.

White sapphire is popular due to its charms that can bring wisdom and maturity and help people to keep their ego in check and deal with the problem related to the relationship.

White sapphire meaning is also often associated with the planet of Venus, which embodies love, beauty, and relationship.

Venus, as it is similar to Jupiter, also represents fortune and strength. The white sapphire value is placed on its transparency and size, as well as the origin.

White sapphire also bestows the people who wear it, particularly in marriage. It gives the people abundant happiness, carries pure energy to balance your soul and mind. The stone also has capability to open your innate energy, thus allowing it to flow.

White Sapphire Spiritual Meaning

To the wearer, white sapphire is associated with the ability to strengthen communication in a higher level of self-consciousness and the ability to guide them to reach spiritual well-being and guidance.

The stone’s pure white color is believed to help you cope with any spiritual obstacle that you may have, and stimulate your creativity and potential to be expressed in your life in general.

Like any other gemstone, white sapphire meaning is also connected to one of our chakras, namely, the Sahashara Chakra or Crown Chakra.

Crown chakra allows us to pen the world beyond our imagination, and beyond our physical body, and is believed to be the source of spirituality.

The crown chakra gives us connection to the higher self and allows us to see universal truth. By wearing white sapphire, your crown chakra will  balanced, thus, resulting in balanced energy and well-being.

In today’s belief, white sapphire is associated with those who seek inner truth. The Sahashara chakra is also important to our wisdom quality, maintaining the balance and harmony between the body and our inner soul.

The stone is also said to be the bridge and improve the skill of channeling or communication with the higher spiritual beings.

The Benefits Of Wearing White Sapphire

White sapphire also has healing benefits both mentally and physically.

The stone is beneficial for a married couple, particularly for women, because it can stimulate fertility and cure reproductive system disorder.

Apart from that, the white sapphire is also beneficial in regulating circulatory system.

Emotionally, white sapphire is often related to ability to cut negative thoughts and allow the brain and the mind to come with new perspective, thus allowing one to see from different point of view. It also supports the people who have trouble in their social life.

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