Yellow Citrine Meaning and Benefits

yellow citrine meaning
yellow citrine

Yellow citrine meaning is naturally related to positive and bright emotional lookouts in facing life, and in many cases, this is a stone that often associated with wealth and prosperity (perhaps because of its association with gold).

Yellow Citrine stone are usually associated with sun energy, which brings out positive emotions such as exuberance, joy, happiness, cheerfulness, and fierceness.

Everything about this stone is great to bring more positivism and luck to your life, and it also has good influence in overall physical health. No wonder if the stone is much revered as charm of luck, including by the ancient Greeks.

Yellow Citrine  Benefits

Yellow citrine also has several great health benefits, encouraging many bodily functions and increasing energy, especially since yellow is a very stimulating color.Here are some yellow citrine meanings that make this gemstone great:

1.Better energy and bodily function

Yellow citrine invokes the energy and encourages metabolisms system to work faster and better, resulting in better overall health and bodily function.

2.Good stone for intelligence and creativity

Yellow citrine is a stone that encourages creative mind, imagination and active thinking. This is a good stone to help you when you are in the middle of difficult creative or negotiation process.

3.The symbol of wealth, prosperity and abundance

The bright yellow shade of citrine associated with gold and spirit to hard work and earn better livelihood. This stone is often dubbed the merchant stone because of prosperity belief that surrounds the stone. This is a great charm to keep in an office, store or home office.

4. In ancient Chinese belief

Yellow citrine is the symbol of guard against angry spirits and ghosts. The stone is often placed on a particular spot in a house that reflects the sunlight to make the lurking ghost and spirits run away. In more philosophical meaning, this stone also protects the owner of negative energy from jealousy.

Overall, this is a great stone to help living a prosperous, exciting and exuberant life.

 Metaphysical Meaning Of Golden Citrine

As a stone that has Sun related color, golden Citrine stone symbolizes everything positive and bright about life. Besides joyous feeling, happiness and spirit.

Citrine gemstone meanings is often associated with the brightness of creativity and imagination, which is great to ‘open’ the vault of ideas that you may keep locked in your mind. Therefore, this is a great stone for those who need creativity and different way of thinking, such as artists, writers, journalists, and business people.

Golden yellow Citrine is basically a stone that reflects positive emotion, which symbolized by the color and bright sheen of sun. It symbolizes the spirit of chasing better and more fulfilling life, full of joy and happiness.

It also helps you to acquire better life through positive means to attract wealth and prosperity, as well as keeps them and makes you feel better in saving and spending them wisely.

Overall, a bright yellow citrine meaning is a charm to start a new and fresh life, with hope for joyfulness, happiness and high spirits.

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