The Secret Yellow Diamond Meaning In Daily Life

yellow diamond meaning
yellow diamond

Yellow Diamond Meaning is  joy and happiness. It also become symbol of love and commitment. In addition, this stone is also able to increase inner strength and ward off negative energy.  Diamond has its deep meaning especially for those who want to get married. This stone is always used as an engagement ring.

Yellow diamond is one of the rarest diamonds color. It is a stunning gemstone with beautiful shine and affordable prices. Also known as canary yellow diamond. . It has the fancy color that pretty much distinguishes it with any other diamonds.

Most of these diamonds come from South Africa especially the ones with intense yellow color that are simply stunning and irresistible. Its beautiful appearance allows it one of most demanded stones for jewelries. In fact, countless Hollywood stars have often used it during their appearance on the red carpet.

Perhaps, you ever wonder how this diamond gets its intense yellow color which is so pure and bright. Well, nitrogen is the reason behind its unique color.

Unlike other diamonds color, yellow diamond has higher nitrogen concentration causing it to have such intense color. If more other chemicals dominate the substance, the diamond will not likely be canary diamond.

Meanwhile, the price of this diamond is varying. Mostly, it is determined by the clarity and depth of the stone. For instance, the fancy yellow diamond stone or brighter diamond will be more valuable compared to darker yellow diamond like the brownish-yellow. That’s because brighter diamond usually shows higher amount of purity inside.

Yellow Diamond  Gemstone Meanings

Symbol of Love and Commitment

Each diamond no matter what color it has refers to symbol of love and commitment. That’s the main reason most people choose it as engagement or wedding ring. Wearing diamond is like telling others about how much love, care and passion they have for their loved ones.

Even more, it also symbolizes the faithfulness that one has for another. With this diamond, it is hoped that the purest of love in their heart.

 Joy and Happiness

Apparently, yellow diamond has more meaning and symbol than just of love and commitment. Its color of yellow shows how valuable the gemstone is. Yellow is often associated with joy and sunlight and so is this canary diamond. Its stunning color means for happiness, joy and prosperity.

Wearing it is like showing everybody else how committed a person in a relationship and how much joy and happiness he/she has. It’s also like inviting more happiness to come since every gemstone usually also has the ability to remove negativity and invite more positivity and so does this diamond.

 Inner Strength

Another yellow diamond gemstone meaning  that this diamond has is about passion and inner strength. Yellow, one of the bright colors with strong character symbolizes inner strength. Lots of people lack of their inner strength causing them to face difficult and unwanted situations or problems that are often very energy and time draining.

With the metaphysical properties that yellow diamond has, it’s very possible to enjoy more increased inner strength and more balanced life full of joy, love and passion. When life is in balanced whether it is body, mind or spirit, a person will be ready to invite new things coming and get more hopes for the future.

Removes Negativity

Aside increasing the inner strength, the diamond is also useful in removing negativity which includes greed, envy and treachery. Those are negative energies that can lead to self-destruction. The existence of them only shows how weak the person is how he or she is lack of self-confidence.

Therefore, benefiting the metaphysical use from yellow diamond is excellent decision as it doesn’t only help to remove and block such energies but also to prepare one-self for love, joy, happiness and more inner strength.

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