Yellow Gemstone Names: Best Popular Collection And Meanings

yellow gemstone names
Yellow Gemstones

Yellow is a very attractive color. Gemstones in yellow are suitable for use as jewelry and are loved by many people. Many Popular yellow gemstone names are easy to find and cheap. There is also an unfamiliar yellow gemstone to us. Some of them are rare and maybe expensive.

So, which gemstone is Yellow, and what are their meanings? Let’s find out.

List Of Yellow Gemstones Names

Despite having the same color, every type of gemstone has a different meaning. I mentioned the color variations of yellow, like pure yellow, yellow-green, brownish-yellow, and up close to orange colors.

Yellow-colored gemstones have a high enough value and are categorized as rare items. Here is the natural yellow gemstone names list;

Yellow Diamond

If the stone is used as a ring, it will cause Courage and dampen any fears. Various diseases can be overcome if we use them as a bracelet or necklaces.

This gemstone has powerful healing properties. Besides, that yellow diamond can enhance one’s spirituality if it’s used as an earring.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow topaz is the birthstone of November. This stone will improve the confidence of its owner if it’s used as a necklace or earrings. If in use as a ring, it will increase their power to overcome many obstacles in their life.

One’s stamina will increase if it’s used as a bracelet and it is prohibited for a person who has hypertension.

Yellow garnet

Stability and harmony in the household will be maintained if the yellow garnet wears a bracelet or ring. This gemstone is unique, in addition to increasing loyalty to the spouse and family.

This stone will also attract others’ devotion to us. In yellow gemstone types, garnet color is more close to orange.


If you are a man, it is advisable to use a citrine necklace to boost optimism in achieving the desired goals, but women should use it as a bracelet. One of citrine gemstone’s properties is an increasing sense of joy, sinking all gloom.

Strongly recommended to wear citrine gemstone jewelry on one part of the body. This is one of the yellow gemstones that have the power to attract money.


One of Chrysoberyl’s gemstone meaning is to strengthen self-esteem, improves concentration towards work, and focus on what is being worked on. This will work if you wear it as a necklace.

This gem will drain the energy of joy to the user when used as a ring. A yellow gem-like chrysoberyl is very good if used by the student.

Yellow Apatite

The power of this gemstone can quickly improve a person’s self-confidence in doing his job so everything is quickly resolved. If she wants to lose weight, this stone will leave her confident that what she did would get satisfactory results.

This is recommended for use as a bracelet and just for women only; it will not work for men. Apatite is a yellow stone that suits to use by marketing workers.

Yellow Aventurine

This stone has the power to control uncontrollable emotions and restore the normal conditions to produce measurable balance emotions. This stone will drain the energy of tranquility on the owners.

Yellow aventurine stone is highly recommended to use as a necklace. This is one of the yellow gemstones that must use by the teacher.

Yellow Jade

Yellow jade will flow energy of luck if used as a ring, this will make all his dreams come true. A very strong ambition for achievement they obtained if worn as a bracelet.

They can make wise decisions and be honorable if uses yellow jade as a necklace. Yellow jade is a rare yellow stone type.

Yellow Jasper

This stone is used to relieve pain and give courage and wisdom. It is advisable to use it as a necklace or bracelet. In the yellow gemstones list, Garnet is chosen as the best healing stone both physically and mentally.

Yellow Tourmaline

The yellow tourmaline will give high intelligence and spiritual awareness that will lead people towards happiness.  These yellow gemstones can use as earrings for women and bracelets for men.

Yellow Gemstones Meaning

Yellow gemstones meaning is about enlightening, wisdom, Cheeriness, joy, action, optimism, happiness, idealism, summer, hope, imagination, sunshine, philosophy, and youth.

The yellow color also symbolizes the sun. For those born in November, Yellow is the color of their birthstones as yellow Topaz and Citrine.

Others Yellow gemstone names that are most sought-after are Yellow sapphire and yellow diamond. These gemstones are rare and expensive but most powerful and beautiful. It’s yellow precious gemstones that are always used as an engagement ring.

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