Yellow Sapphire Meaning – The Most Precious Gemstone Energy

yellow sapphire

The yellow sapphire meaning will allow self-mastery, bring excellent protection from spiritual and psychic harm, stimulate your spiritual insight, and serve as excellent symbol of strength, sympathy, and good judgment.

In certain culture, yellow sapphire is considered the most precious gemstone after diamond and ruby. It has powerful healing properties and unique metaphysical traits.

Its alluring color vibrates prosperity and attracts abundant wealth for those who wear the stone.

The stone is rich in supernatural properties, along with its beautiful appearance, which makes this particular type of sapphire the most expensive gemstone, only second to diamond.

By wearing this stone, you will be able to express your idea and creativity into action. In certain community, such as in Punjab or Hindi, yellow or pukhraj, sapphire is very highly valued, and it is often referred to as topaz or citrine.

The Hindi people also believe in Vedic astrology, where there are nine precious gemstones, representing the existence and balance of our planets.

The yellow sapphire meaning represents Jupiter planet, which is the largest planet in our solar system, thus, this stone is also often considered to give strength to the wearer.

There are many folklore’s and traditions, which incorporate yellow sapphire as tool or media to represent kindness and good decision-making.

Metaphysical Energy

Representing the planet of Jupiter, yellow sapphire meaning is often associated with wisdom and fortune. Not only that, yellow sapphire believed that people who wear this gemstone are likely to be showered with intelligence, knowledge, abundant wealth, respectable status, and power.

Particularly for those who were born with the planet of Jupiter, namely, those who were born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Pisces, you will get the ultimate benefits from the stone, abundance wealth and all the good in life.

Many people believe that yellow sapphire will also make all your desires in love life come true. For example, when you desire for someone to be yours, wearing this particular stone will help you to get that one.

Sapphire meaning also gives you power in your relationship, stimulates optimism, and establishes good communication between you and your romantic encounter.

For its relation with the Solar plexus chakra, yellow sapphire will help you balancing your spiritual being, removing fear inside our mind, and allowing you to get warmth and a happy married life.

Healing Properties

Physically, yellow sapphire healing properties helps to stimulate one’s immune system, and control a healthy and well-balanced digestive system.

The absorption of nutrients will be optimized, and give you strength to fight infection, eliminating toxins, and improve your physical vitality.

The blood circulation will be balanced; the stone is advantageous in treating excessive bleeding’s, and serves well as exercise aids.

As for mentally, yellow sapphire is very useful to help you cope with mental disorder, seeing the positive and good side of life. Thus bringing you excitement and joy and allowing you to grasp every possibilities possible.

When dealing with the stress in your work life, yellow sapphire can assist you to improve your concentration and help you to make wise decision.

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